When immigration was raised in last week's presidential debate, he was a former vice-president Joe BidenJoe BidenFox News President, Top Anchors Advised Quarantine After Coronavirus Exposure: Report Six Notable Moments From Trump And Biden's 60 Minute Interviews Biden About Attacks On Mental Fitness: Trump Thought 9/11 Attack Was 7/11 Attack MORE said he would quickly seek amnesty for over 11 million illegal immigrants in the US. He added that he would immediately reintroduce the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, providing a route to citizenship for the so-called "dreamers" because "we owe you something."

These proposals would give smugglers and criminal cartels their next advertisement for new customers with illegal immigrants.

The promise of amnesty is the greatest PR coup for coyotes (smugglers) that one can imagine. They will use this promise to recruit many tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to pay them many tens of thousands of dollars to try to sneak them, including children, across the border.

Nothing could be more irresponsible and dangerous. All this is doing is enriching criminal cartels at the expense of American taxpayers.

According to a detailed study by the Heritage Foundation, providing amnesty and citizenship to illegal immigrants would ultimately cost Americans a net fiscal burden of $ 6.3 trillion on social security, medical care, welfare programs, public education, and other government benefits and services.

This would also reverse recent advances made by the federal government on immigration reform and border security. The Trump administration has tried to repeal the unconstitutional DACA program launched by President Obama. Customs and Border Protection quickly built about 400 miles of a new border wall system to stop the coyotes from smuggling illegal immigrants and to keep the drug cartels from bringing deadly drugs across our southern border.

The administration is committed to achieving its goal of 450 miles of this new border wall system by January. As acting minister for internal security Chad WolfThe Chad WolfTravel industry urges the Trump administration to prevent the need for quarantines by creating a test plan. The constituencies are filing a lawsuit against Trump stated Border Patrol agents requested this wall system. And it works. Where the wall was built, fears decrease by at least 90 percent.

Biden, however, stated that we would stop building the border wall system immediately. "Building a wall is unlikely to deter criminals and cartels who want to exploit our borders," says his campaign website. Instead, he would forward the federal resources to our ports of entry because he stated that "all the bad things happen" at the ports of entry. Our US border guards, who operate between the ports, would not agree to that at all.

The Debate Moderator and Biden also confirmed the claim that the government may find the parents of 545 illegal immigrant minors separated from their adult carers during the White House's brief "no tolerance" policy. The Department of Homeland Security has denied that claim, stating that of the 485 parents with whom the plaintiffs' attorney was able to contact, not a single family needs to be identified who would like their child to be reunited with them in the child's home country becomes.

The result is that the child stays in the US while the parents stay in their home country. The reason is simple. The parents hope that their children will become the next "dreamers" and that they will receive an amnesty in the USA so that their family can join them here.

Sponsors of the Unaccompanied Foreign Child Protection Act – including then Sen. Joe Biden, who was enacted in the 2008 Re-Authorization of the Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking Act (TVPRA), laid the foundation for many immigrant minors enrolled in the US came and ruthlessly changed the course of US immigration. They claimed their legislation would protect immigrant minors, but the bill lowered the bar for such minors to receive immigration benefits and services – with easily foreseeable consequences that parents would intentionally send their children across the border unaccompanied in the hopes to gain a foothold in the family US

Predictably, the number of unaccompanied immigrant minors to the U.S. has increased – from less than 20,000 in 2010 to more than 75,000 in 2019. So it's not surprising that the parents Biden discussed in the debate want their children stay in the US separated from them. In fact, the guidelines set by TVPRA advocates encourage such behavior.

Americans need policies that continue to secure the entire border, fight human trafficking and drug cartels, and discourage parents from sending their unaccompanied children on the dangerous journey to the United States.

In contrast, the policies advocated by Biden would open large swaths of the border, enrich human traffickers and drug cartels, and continue the cycle of illegal immigration by granting amnesty to dreamers and over 11 million illegal immigrants in the US. This policy would give priority to illegal immigrants over Americans. Americans owe more.

Lora Ries is a Senior Research Fellow on Homeland Security at The Heritage Foundation.

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