On October 19, 2020, Norway released new passports that are said to be much more secure and difficult to forge. Norway's first new passports were issued to the Minister of Justice and Public Security at the Passport Office in Ski on Monday 19 October Monica Mæland and Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide.

The Norwegian government had previously announced that it would spend much more on citizenship processing in 2021.

Norwegian citizens can apply for the new Norwegian passports at any passport and ID card office in Norway.

The new passports were introduced after several delays in the past.

Although the new documents are available, those with a valid Norwegian passport do not need to apply for a new Norwegian passport.

Current Norwegian passports remain valid until the expiry date.

While one must be a Norwegian citizen to obtain a Norwegian passport, one does not automatically receive a Norwegian passport when accepting citizenship of the country. An application for a Norwegian passport must be submitted by the person.

Before applying for a Norwegian passport, the applicant must have a personal identification number issued by the Norwegian Tax Administration.

People living in Norway can submit their application for a Norwegian passport to the police. Those who live abroad, on the other hand, have to apply for a Norwegian passport at a Norwegian embassy or consulate closest to them.

With improved security elements and a new design, the new Norwegian passport was designed by the New Design Studio, which received the contract.

The two-stage design competition for the design of Norway's new passports aimed at a unique concept with a widely recognizable theme and a functional, high-quality design.

The Neue Design Studio used images of a wide Norwegian panorama to show the contrasts in landscapes and climatic zones that make up Norway.

Under UV light, the pages of the new pass show a change in the reproduction of the Norwegian landscape. With beautiful clouds and northern lights, the landscape changes from day to night under UV light.

The new design offers increased security for Norwegian passports, travel documents and travel documents. At the same time, the landscape in Norway manages to create a sense of belonging and connection between regions, gender and age.

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