Hi Liz , hope you are doing okay and I hope that you would reply to my query😊.
So the recent ielts writing task 2 I got was

During the 20th century, contact between different parts from the world develop rapidly thanks to air travel and telecommunication.
To what extent do you agree that societies benefit from the increased contact and closer relationships with foreigners brought by international tourism and business?

and to this I completely agreed that there’s a lot of benefit for local and urban communities to boost their culture , tradition and how the nation’s economy is boosted that eventually helps local market. Also , I mentioned that it bring reputation and glory , discovery of unknown places , promotion of places by means of articles , documentaries etc.

but now I feel that should I have mentioned the drawbacks as well since air travel brings pollution while foreigners westernise the communities and leave a harmful impact to environment as well as local people.

however in my opinion of agreement , I explained each topic sentence briefly with relevant examples , and coherently linking my paragraphs with a conclusion statement in firmly believing that societies benefit to a large extent…

since this wasn’t partial agreement and I about to lose task completion marks or regarding anything else?